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folding machine, digital printing

A buyer from Rumania wants to import printing, box marking machine ,folding machine, digital printing ,.
Please apply referring to follow information in time, if you are one of related companies who produce those items.

Inquiry information

Items looking for pronting, box macking machine ,folding machine, digital printing ,
Period 2016-07-14 ~ 2016-07-29
Country Rumania
Company Name EUREX SRL
Company Manage Mugur Cosescu
Inquiry EUREX SRL interested in importing the below Product

- pronting
- box macking machine
- folding machine
- digital printing

Please give us your product details for our review.

[Items looking for]
pronting, box macking machine ,folding machine, digital printing ,
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1) Country
2) Company name
3) Manager name
4) Phone number
5) Email address
6) Homepage
7) Description
Then we will contact you after confirm it.
If you have any questions Manager: Pyeon-do Won
Phone: +82-70-8655-7567


Applied List
Charl Charl
Charl Charl
Vinny Vinny
Benon Benon
Egypt Egypt