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  • Gooseneck

  • Calciummani

  • Clean Tubes for Sanitary apliances&Semi-Conductor Line

  • Single Fans (for underground parking lots)

  • Spacer

  • polyurethane pad

  • crankshaft gear of Powder metallurgy

Premium Supplier

  • FND Net Co. Ltd.

  • Sung Woo Industrial Co.

  • Dae Ryun Ind Co., Ltd


  • INT Co, Ltd

  • M&R Hydro-tek

  • YOUNG POONG Co., Ltd.

  • Waste foam recycling with GREENMAX MARS C200 densifier

  • PET bottles recycling with GREENMAX Poseidon series machine

  • Construction waste sorting plant, waste management

  • Municipal waste sorting, MSW recycling system

  • GREENMAX Plastic Foam of Polystyrene Crusher

  • plastics foam melting machine of GREENMAX MARS SERIES