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  1. 1. Click ‘Join Now’
  2. 2. Choose and input according to items
    1. Select your Business Location & Account Type
      • Business Location : Chose the nation (cannot be changed later)
      • Business Address : Input the address of company
      • Account Type : Choose Buyer or Supplier or Both
    2. Enter your Contact Information
      • Name : Input the name of the person in charge
      • Company Name : Input the name of company
        (Officially registered full Company Name(4-100 characters), cannot be changed later)
      • Phone : Input the company phone number (National Code – Area Code – Rest of Number)
    3. Enter your Email Address & Create a Password
      • E-mail : This will be used to sign-in to Korea Yellow Pages
        (Because approval and inquiry of membership registration and other important information will be sent,
        correct information must be inputted)
      • Create Password : This will be used to sign-in to Korea Yellow Pages
        (6 to 20 characters, You must mix alphabet characters and numbers)
      • Re-enter Password : Reconfirmation of Password
  3. 3. Completion of Sign Up for Membership
    • A mail will be sent via E-mail after the completion of sign up → check the E-mail → Completion of approval →
      Sign in for KOREA YELLOW PAGES → Able to use the site
    • More) My Yellowpages > Free Services > Account > Company Info
      (If you input the detailed information of your company at Approval, it will be more useful for using the site and promoting your company)
    Interworking Function(synchronization) of Facebook registration and Sign in

    (This function is to use the site of KOREA YELLOW PAGES to share the information conveniently with email and password of Facebook, if you are a member of Facebook).

    1. If you are a member of Facebook, please click the button ‘Connect with Facebook’ before signing up
    2. When the window of the Facebook Login pops up, input the E-mail and password of Facebook
    3. Click ‘Log In with Facebook’ at the request for permission
    4. E-mail and Name is inputted automatically at the ‘Join Now’ page of KOREA YELLOW PAGES
    5. Input other items for registration
    6. Completion of Sign up for membership
    7. After the approval of email, click the button ‘Connect with Facebook’ at sign in and then click the Facebook Login to use the site