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Buying Leads

Request directly to suppliers or manage the uploaded contents by filling out the information regarding the product you wish to purchase on Buying Leads

Add a New Buying Leads

Post new Buying Leads

How to Post
  1. Subject : Input simple and clear title for the product you wish to purchase
  2. Category : Click the ‘Choose’ button to choose category
    (It will become the classification standard for a search by category, the best matched category must be chosen.)
  3. Keywords : Important to input the main related keyword since more information can be found from keywords (input more than one)
  4. Valid Until : Choose the validation period on the site
  5. Image : Upload the image related to the product or one that is useful for providing information (recommended size 244*244)
  6. Description : Input detailed information on the products you wish to purchase to convey the information clearly
  7. My Contact Preference :
    Only available to members of KOREA YELOW PAGES to receive inquiries
    Only available to paid members of KOREA YELLOW PAGES to receive inquiries
  8. Input of Additional Information : You may receive inquiries from more suitable suppliers by inputting more detailed information
    (Quantity, Price, Packaging, Annual Purchase Volume)
Manage Buying Leads

Check the editing condition and deletion of registered Buying Leads
(With regard to of Editing and Deleting : You can only edit, delete or re-post Buying Leads in Editing Required, Approved or Expired status)

  • Status
    • Pending: Approval is pended.
    • Approved: Approval is passed (Posted in the Buying Leads).
    • Denied: Approval is denied.
    • Expired: Posting is expired (Not existed in the Buying Leads).