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Private Showroom

It is a service only provided to Premium Member and it sends E-mail invitations to introduce and promote specific products to specific buyers. The benefits are different according to Silver/Gold status

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Make a Private Showroom
  1. Showroom name : Input the name of Showroom to be sent
    (input a simple title on new product and a title that will maximally appeal to buyers in order to get responses back from buyers)
  2. To : Choose a buyer to send the Showroom to and input the E-mail
    (Either input the E-mail information directly or choose a buyer by clicking ‘Select Contact List’ Button)
  3. Invite Message : Input explanation on new product, detailed company information and any information which attracts interest and enhances credibility
  4. Attach Product : When you click ‘+’ button, the window of registered product list pops up.
    Then choose a product you wish to introduce to a buyer (by clicking ‘-‘ button, the chosen product can be deleted)
  • When you are not able to complete the form, you can save temporarily by clicking ‘Save’ button (Manage on Manage Private Showroom)
  • Possible to view the contents to be sent by clicking ‘Preview’ button
  • When ‘Send E-mail’ is clicked, the sending is completed
Manage Private Showroom
  • Management of Showroom before and after sending E-mail, check the number of E-mails to be sent
    (the number of E-mails to be sent is same as the number of buyers you are sending to )
  • If the status of Showroom shows ‘Sent’, it means future modification can be no longer made.