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Only members are allowed to advertise on Korea Yellow Pages.
(All advertisements registered on Korea Yellow Pages are made by members only.)

Service > Advertisement with us
  1. 1. Select advertisement category
    • Featured Products : Advertisement of the main product that will be promoted to buyers
    • Premium Suppliers : Advertisement of the company that can be directly promoted to suppliers and buyers
    • Prime Top Listing : Advertisement that can promote a specific product on the top of search list
    • Banner : Advertisement for a company and product through a banner image
  2. 2. Click 'Apply' on the corresponding advertisement
  3. 3. Check company information and enter application conditions
    • Select advertisement start date (It will be used by Korea Yellow Pages for reference only and may differ from the actual advertisement date)
    • Select advertisement duration (total payment amount varies with duration of advertisement)
    • Check company information
    • Administrator reference message created.
    • Enter (or select) required information appropriate for each advertisement form
  4. 4. Check application information and account information

    Only accepted form of Payment for advertisement fee is wire transfer (T/T)
  5. 5. Application completion

    Korea Yellow Pages manager verifies the application information and contacts the company via offline method (or contacts the company after payment confirmation)
  6. 6. Advertisement application verification