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KOREA YELLOW PAGES provides an online chatting service that enables a direct and speedy communication between suppliers and buyers using the Live Messenger API supported by Microsoft

※ In order to use the messenger service, you must have a Microsoft account Microsoft account registration

Messenger ID registration and user instructions
  1. 1. Sign in to
  2. 2. Move to ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Account > Company Info’
  3. 3. Click on 'Delegate Presence Authentication" button on the right of MSN Live Messenger Unique ID
  4. 4. Enter Microsoft account ID and Password to Sign in.
  5. 5. Click 'I accept' after confirming Unique ID (It will be registered automatically but if not, copy the ID and paste)
  6. 6. After confirming automatically registered ID for MSN Live Messenger Unique ID, save content by clicking on 'Submit'
  7. 7. Sign in to Live Messenger
  8. 8. Start conversation with the buyers