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  1. 1. When you are a non-member, click ‘Subscribe’ button
    (When you are a member, possible to apply and edit the contents at ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Account > Trade Alert’)
  2. 2. Choose and input the request item according to the form
    1. Contents Type : Choose the item you wish to receive a response about among Products/Buying Leads/Companies
      (possible for duplicated selection)
    2. Frequency : Choose the cycle of sending E-mail
      ( when there are no contents registered as new in the related period, E-mails are not sent )
    3. Keyword(s) : The contents sent by the keyword information will be changed
      (after searching the keyword for which you wish to receive an inquiry on the site and when there is a result,
      we recommend you use the related keyword. When there is no content for a related keyword,
      an inquiry is not sent, 5 is the maximum)
    4. Region : By selecting the area, only newly registered contents in the related area can be provided
    5. E-mail : Input the email information that Trade Alert will be sent (Input the information to send E-mails)
    6. When you click ‘Submit’ button, it completes the request  according to the request, send the Trade Alert via E-mail
      ( If you don’t want to receive the Trade Alert information sent by KOREA YELLOW PAGES any longer,
      you must click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button below on the sent E-mail and E-mails are no longer sent)