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The information on products that can be traded with buyers may be posted directly for promotion

  • Post product on ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Products > Add a New Product’
  • Inquiry sent by Buyer can be checked on ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Inquiries > InBox’
How to Post
  1. Group : If you designate the group, a buyer can easily and precisely find the products by group (on the company blog)
  2. Product URL Change : You may change your desired keyword for product search.
  3. Product Name : The name of the product must be detailed and include the correct name
    (Do not input the name of the company and no. of model)
    Tip) you may call up a preview of previously registered products by clicking the button for ’Load Saved Product’
    (Product Name, Category, Keyword, Product Details, Description)
  4. Category : Choose category by clicking the ‘Choose’ button
    (It will become the classification standard for a search by category and, therefore, the best matched category must be chosen)
  5. Keywords : Important to input the main related keyword since more information can be found through keyword
    (input more than one)
  6. Screen Title : Enter a short and clear phrase that describes the title that is the product theme
    (For Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Image : Upload product's images showing the characteristics of the product
    (Image attachment is required, the recommended size is 390*390, 4 pictures at maximum)
  8. Attach File : Upload the reference regarding detailed information on products or any contents you wish so that the buyer can refer to it
  9. Video Link URL : Input the address of the product promotion video uploaded on YouTube Video Upload
  10. Product Detail : Input the main information on products (Place of Origin, Brand Name, Model Number)
  11. More Detail : Input additional information about products (attribute : value)
  12. Description : Input the detailed information on the product or a simple introduction and a description of features
  13. Meta Description for Search Engines : Write 2 to 3 sentences (within 150 words) that describe product specifications
    (For Search Engine Optimization)
  14. Others : Input additional information about Packaging and Delivery Lead Time
  15. Select Payment and Shipping Terms