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Sending Inquiry

When you click ‘Inquire Now’ at the result lists of either category search or keyword search,
a new window where you can fill out an inquiry will pop up (possible to send one or multiple recipient(s))

Common Contents
  1. To : Check the information of subject to send inquiry (Possible to apply for credit report of each company)
  2. Subject : Input the title ( when you send an inquiry about each subject, a basic title will be provided)
  3. Message : Input the contents ( If you input detailed information such as introduction of company and inquiry,
    then the chances of receiving responses are much higher)
    * For most often used contents, you can save and recall the saved message from ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Inquiries > Saved Message’
  • If you are a member and signed in, then click ‘draft’ button to save temporarily.
  • When you click the ‘Send’ button, it just sends the inquiry
  • After sending inquiries, inquiries can be managed at ‘My Yellowpages > Free Services > Inquiries’