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Phileo-823/824 - Water Purifier
  • ● Elegant & stunning Design of Front Panel Cabinet with Tempered Protection Glass for Anti-Scratchy & Anti-Color Change ● Luxurious FND Graphic Display indicating major operating status of Filter Replacing Time, Cold & Hot Water working Status. ● Highly hygienic stainless Water Tank ● High-Tech Safety Device ● 4 or 5 Steps of Functional Filtration System (Optional) (Ultra filtration or adding an Alkali water Filter ) ● Low-Noise and Large Capacity of Booster Pump ● Automatic Waste Water Control Device
  • Keywords : water pu
Vacuum Conveyor System
MIPL - 2nd Generation Pulsed Light
  • 2nd Generation Intense Pulsed Light Hi-Tech IPL device differentiated with existing IPL. MIPL’s new Du al Mode Filtering, Square Pulse Technology made it possible for mor e safe and effective operation. Simple but accurate User Interface and ergonomically designed Hand-Piece has maxim ized the user’s convenience. MIPL can be applied to various les ions such as Pigment, Vascular, Wrinkle, Acne, Hair removal, etc. 1. Dual Mode Filtering Technology MIPL has applied Dual Mode Filtering Technology which protec ts 950nm and over wavelength which might cause in damage to nor mal skin. This is the first hi-tech medical device in terms o f safety and effectiveness. 2. Square pulse Technology MIPL has applied Square Pulse Technology with stability and uniform of energy which contribute to no side effect such as pain and burn. T his technology has not been achieved by the existing IPLs. MIPL’s own technology. 3. Dual Mode Filtering(400~950nm) First in Flash Lamp, second in Glass Lamp, total 2 times’ Filtering ma ke possible to minimize side effect through filtering 950nm and over w avelengths which is high in Water Absorption. 4. Minimization of Consumable expenses and less maintenance cost Strengthened Durability of Hand-Piece caused in continuous use of ha nd-piece just replacing Flash lamp without complete change. 5. Increased operation speed (charging) 2Hz operation speed: 0.5 second for charging (ex) 2Hz = 1 second 2shot 6. Square Pulse Technology System energy is evenly spread with minimized Side Effect 7. SHR(Super Hair Removal) 700nm Hair Removal Hand-Piece with strong Cooling System 8. User- Interface & Other conveniences Optimal paramter programs based on a clinical study/ 16 Preset Mode/ Broad Tip Size(10 x 38)/ 10.4 LCD Touch Screen optional handpiece/ noiseless
  • Hironic Co., Ltd.
  • Keywords : 2nd Gene
  • STYLE NO. : PGC-T255 RUNNING SIZE : XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL COLORS : DK.GREY / BROWN MATERIAL: COTTON 100% DESCRIPTION : * PUPPIA 2006 FALL/WINTER ITEM. Luxurious style with striped & solid schemes "P" embroidery pointed on the back Indoor-outdoor
  • Keywords : check
  • SLIMLINE uses medium frequency current for advancd body treatments wit h programs such as lymphatic drainage, body contouring, cellulite remo val, body slimming and toning. And also SLIMLINE uses ultrasound for i ncreasing circulation and slowing down the aging process. What makes SLIMLINE special? - Triple combination: middle frequency(3500Hz, 10 channels) + thermo t herapy (38 degree celcius) + ultrasound (1MHz) - Larger user friendly color LCD touch screen - Effectiveness in abdominal treatment thanks to the thermal abdomen p ad [Thermo therapy + middle frequency therapy] - Co-treatment system: (5 M/F channels + thermal abdomen pad / 1 patie nt) x 2
  • Cosmo C&T Korea
  • Keywords : Body sli
Hair Polarizer
  • It is the instrument to examine the nutritious status & the damage deg ree of hair-root & hair-shaft by the shape to be captured and the color & degree that absorbed light is emi tted with ‘KPLH’. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- · Effective only with Triple Scope & KPLH for the use. · 220mm(W)x218mm(L)x120mm(H) · Power : Free Voltage (100V~240V) · Weight: about 1.512kg/ea
  • KC Technology Co.
  • Keywords : Skin & H
GVS-ID3 59354FV - Dome Camera
  • -Wide dynamic range -Digital Zoom (x10) -1/3" Sony DS CCD used -Day and Night Function -580 TV Line Resolution -0 Lux at IR On -LED 35 PCs -Easy installation & 4 Axis
  • GVS Co., Ltd
  • Keywords : CCTV,Dom
  • - Proctector function for over(85/185) temperature caused by surroundi ng and/or overheated circuit
  • Keywords : BICHURY
CH200 - Multi Functional Office chair
  • INNOCHAIR allows users to do sit-ups and stretches in the office, at the same time. it can be converted into an exerciser and a bed., to ta ke power naps in the office.
  • INNO FURNI Co., Ltd.
  • Keywords : comforta
Loess Ball Foots Bath Apparatus AP-8(Gold)
  • ? Size(mm) : 330(W) * 340(L) * 390(H) ? Weight : 4400g[included loess ball] ? Rated voltage : AC220V / 60Hz / 230W ? Color / Material : Gold flower (Leather, anion) ? Features 1. You can use it comfortably and cleanly an without a water. 2. Promote the circulation of the blood. It is excellent to person who keeps standing and working. 3. It is excellent effect for removing a corn on a foot. 4. It can removes well dead skin cells and callus. 5. Emissivity of far infrared is 92% out of loess ball. 6. colon bacillus, pyogenic bacteria 99.8% extermination (mold restra int) Well-being is the leading new trend of consumption on the 21c. Increas ingly, customers are concerned about their health, youth, and general wellbeing. Well-being life / Green life - The growth to the one field of the industry. - Raising problems from public fomentation room under the status of de ad zone of sanitation. - Mobile and sanitary home fomentation apparatus has sufficient condi tion of promising business. ? AllPackmall Co. is a company that develops and manufactures mobile f omentation apparatus based on the technology and abundant experiences. Also our members of AllPack have developed the mobile loess fomentati on apparatus by designing it ergonomically after long-termed research for the first time in the world. ? We have already received good quality reputation from the domestic a nd overseas market. ? We promise to be the very best company in the mobile fomentation app aratus market. Characteristic of Loess Fomentation Apparatus. 1. The mobile home fomentation Apparatus. that was developed on the ba sis of ergonomical design after long-termed study, for the first time in home and abroad, you can use it comfortably whatever you sit or lie down. 2. The clear solution about problems of public fomentation-room that i s sanitary dead zone.
  • AllPackmall Co.
  • Keywords : foot bat